Christmas Time Is a Time To Honor The Fallen Soldiers

As the holidays roll around each year, there are many homes that are adorned with a Christmas wreath. Aside from Christmas trees, wreaths are one of the most popular decorations at Christmastime and this is why Worcester Wreath Company set out to begin honoring fallen soldiers with their beautiful wreaths each year. The company has been donating wreaths to the Arlington National Cemetary since 1992 and it is their honor to be able to offer such a loving gesture to the soldiers who have fought and died for the freedoms Americans hold so dear.

Learn About Worcester Wreath Company

Worcester Wreath Company is a company that provides balsam products such as wreaths, trees, and gorgeous centerpieces. They have a 4,000-acre forest they care for to provide their customers with the healthiest and most vibrant balsam products on the market. They are the only wreath company that fully manages their own balsam forest so they only provide the lushest and greenest plants available.

Not only do they grow their own trees, they also properly manage them in a sustainable manner. Many wreath companies groom their trees every year, causing them to die much faster because they become diseased. The Worcester Wreath Company prides themselves on only grooming their trees every three years to make sure the growth remains consistent and the tree is not harmed by the removal of some of its branches.

Their growth and grooming practices result in a rich green color, soft and beautiful needles, and an aroma that is considered heavenly by all who have the pleasure of smelling the beautiful wreaths and arrangements the company creates.

Order Today

If you would like to help them with wreaths across america or make a purchase, visit the website today. Each balsam product is shipped directly from their facilities in Maine right to their customers’ doors. They work tirelessly to make sure each order is fulfilled in twenty-four hours or less. Call them today if you have any questions or would like to inquire about their services. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have about their beautiful products for Christmas.


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